Saturday, August 22, 2015

Todd Manning Playlists!

My goal is a comprehensive video archive of Roger Howarth's scenes as Todd Manning.

I am compiling every Todd Manning scene available on YouTube in order, sorted by calendar year. :) Some scenes may be absent (of course), particularly in the years 1998 and 2000. Please contact me if you can fill in the gaps! :)

1993 (beginning December '92)
1994 a
1994 b
1998 (heavily edited/Todd and Tea scenes only)
2000 (many scenes from this year are unavailable/may be out of order)
2012 a (One Life to Live)
2012 b (General Hospital)

Trading Places (July 4, 2001 special episode)
Starr Over Broadway (from the 2003 Fan February special episode)
Fraternity Row (December 19, 2011 special episode)

The Todd and ____ Experiment:  relationship-specific playlists (GH only)

With OLTL coming to an end, this archive will be undergoing some changes in format and content. However, my Todd Manning playlists will remain its central focus.